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For you ... mummies with babies!

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

When we created Beckfit Online and Outdoor Fitness Classes, it was very important to us, also being parents ourselves, that we have a class specifically designed for new mums with babies. Just over a year later successfully running mummies class, we are thinking of adding dads with babies too :) what do you think?! it's work in progress.

... As a new mum and caring for your baby, we must not forget about ourselves, our mental and physical wellbeing. We came up with an idea for this class so that we can help new mums to keep fit, feel good, boost energy, confidence and bring little ones with them. Convenient way to fit exercise in your routine without worrying about childcare cover. As well as it is a wonderful way to meet other new mums with babies similar age.

Check out the video! These classes run every week on Tuesday (Kelsey Park) and Thursday (Beckenham Place Park).

Get in touch with us if you have any questions, concerns starting exercise after having your baby or just want to find out more information about this class.

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