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| Keeping fit and healthy is the most important thing you can do for yourself. We offer challenging, effective and accessible sessions for all abilities |

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More about Beckfit Classes

FULL BODY WORKOUT WITH resistance bands

| A Healthier and Fitter You |

Class combines the best of resistance band & whole body strength workouts, floor exercises for core conditioning, HIIT style routines for increased fat burn & a strong heart. With great music pushing you along in the background this class ticks all the boxes. Suitable for all levels of fitness, class instructor will offer intensity adaptations on exercises when required. You may bring an exercise mat to use for floor exercises (it's optional). We will adapt to all weather seasons, during hot summer days there are plenty of trees for shade, or on rainy days for shelter. Exercising outdoors has many great health benefits and gives you sense of freedom being in an open space and fresh air.

Circuit Training Class

| Don't wish for it, work for it |

This class is a form of body conditioning that involves endurance and resistance training, high-intensity aerobics, and all exercises performed in a circuit. Effective way to burn fat, boost your metabolism& increase stamina. Improve your general well-being, boost your mood& energy while benefiting from exercising outdoors in an open space& fresh air. Variety of exercise equipment - kettlebells, dumbbells, rope, TRX band and more. Class is suitable for all levels of fitness and you complete exercises at your own pace. All you need to bring along is a bottle of water to keep hydrated.

Buggy Fitness

| Feel Good, Look Good |

Bodyweight workout designed for new mums to rebuild strength after childbirth, improve sense of wellbeing, general health & confidence while able to bring little one along. Suitable for attending with newborn babies to toddler age. You won't need to workout with your little one, they will stay in the buggy whilst you exercise or they are welcome to have a playtime on a mat. This is breastfeeding friendly class, you may stop to attend your little one at any time. Great class to meet other like-minded new mums with little ones to similar age. All exercise routines can be completed at your own pace and adaptations are offered to suit your level of fitness. Please bring an exercise mat to use for floor exercises when weather allows so.


| Benefit your body and mind |

Functional HIIT workout using your own bodyweight. HIIT workout is a method of exercising that involves short, fast bursts of exercise inter spread with periods of rest. It has numerous health benefits and can help to get in shape quickly. Effective way to boost your metabolism& increase cardio stamina.
And exercising outdoors you get greater feelings of being revitalised, positively engaged and energised. Please bring an exercise mat to use for floor exercises (its optional).

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